Thursday, November 9, 2017

Keep it Clean

As you come in my new back door from our new deck, you enter the addition, the mud room.  It's so nice to have a place to drop the dirties, hang the stuff , park the shoes and keep the rest of the floors relatively "clean."  Mr. Maple did the painting and hook installation.  I love the bead board back.  I looked on line for hooks until I was blind and found these "peg" style .

I think the mud room is more Abby's space.  She has her own bone wall hooks for her leash etc...yes, Abby wears a pronged collar.  The sweet face Abby can also be a stubborn girl (it's the boxer in her) and it keeps her walking beautifully without dragging me behind her.  

The cubbies were built custom for my baskets.  Each basket has Abby things in them...gosh dogs need lots of stuff...towels for bathing, blankets and quilts for bedding, treats, treats, and more treats.  I think Abby has me treat-trained.  Shoes and tall boots and Abby's food bag (still looking for a pretty container) fit under the bench.

This is also a new part of the house.  As you can see it's to the left of the mud room.  Not sure what Abby was doing but it seems to be an action shot.  I love having such a nice space to do such a mundane task.  Laundry rooms don't have to be ugly...I have a quartz counter top because it was leftover from our bathroom slab.  Our contractor suggested a regular deep kitchen sink instead of those hideous plastic looking things.  I've had them.  They function.  My contractor gets me. 

I am not a lover of front load washers and dryers.  I opted for Fisher Paykel at the recommendation of my appliance sales person.  It was either that or Speed Queen but Fisher Paykel has a larger wash tub and I have king size bedding.  This room is also Abby's pill station, in case you saw the jar of Skippy Peanut Butter on the counter and wondered if I ate lunch in my laundry room.

I really wanted a place to hang damp clothes or things I don't want to dry all the way.  It didn't quite work out but I may be able to manage something that is pull out on the back wall or the wall opposite the washer/dryer.  For now the hall bathroom shower rod suffices.

Perhaps you can see the white "box" sitting on the floor on the back wall.  It's a super cool wall mail box.  I'm going to use it for my lint catcher.  Mr. Maple will hang it once I figure out my clothes hanger conundrum.

Stay tuned,

Abby and Stephanie


Ulla said...

Wow, I can see so many great solutions here! You really seem to have thought everything through, and you have a good eye for colour. Thank you for the tour.

Little Busy Bee said...

That's a good idea, I know what you mean about coming home and carrying all the "dirty" inside...And we don't have a dog!
Your Laundry room seems perfect ot me, I do miss my old top load washer and drier, I'll never buy front load again - my poor back will surely thank me.

Needled Mom said...

It looks beautiful and is even more special having seen it in person. The storage area is fabulous. I wish my laundry room looked as neat.

Jeanna said...

Both are very nice spaces. I have that ugly plastic laundry tub and it is time for a replacement. Maybe I can swing something like yours.

Heidi said...

Nice and clean spaces, I'm quite envious :-)

KaHolly said...

Oh, Stephanie, you’ve made such a nice home! The more you show, the more I love it!