Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Beauty of Wood

There's been a few delays at Maple Tree Cottage.  Mostly Mother Nature is to blame.  She's been flying around on her broom causing weather issues all over the place.  Our floors needed some repairs and Mr. Floor Man is one amazing guy.  He got the repairs done and the sanding.  After sanding, the floors were way too light.  The wood is white oak.  Mr. Floor Man brought over 2 samples of stain and I didn't like either.  One was too light and one was too red.  He bought 3 more.  Two were too brown.  I felt like Goldilocks until...

#5 was just right.  It was meant to be because it's called Golden Maple.  Mr. Floor Man is putting the Swedish finish on today.  Now the the tile guys can get to work.

This is the ceiling of my covered patio.  It's tongue and groove and the wood is cedar.  It's just amazingly beautiful.  Abby has been dreaming of Summer snoozes on the warm deck for months now.

Our contractor and his guys are true craftsmen.  This is the electrical panel that they framed to give a nice finished look.  It's the attention to details that I so appreciate.

Our contractor hunted down cedar shingles to match the originals from 1951.  Once the house is painted you'll never know they aren't the original.

This is the addition.  Notice the ramp.  Mr. Maple and I aren't ancient yet but we have longevity in our genes.  We decided to plan ahead to make our "golden" years easier for one day.  We've seen so many houses that have ramps out front and although necessary they are also unsightly.  We had our ramp put in at the back and the only way you see it is if you're standing in our backyard.  We've done many things ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant.

There will be a rail and the deck will have steps down.  It's still a work in progress but it's so close to calling it done.

Son Maple helped Mr. Maple prune the old apple tree.  Hopefully the tree will one day be beautiful again and produce tasty apples.

Abby and I have shared so much of the before and process we thought you might like to see the colors we've selected for the exterior.  Navy for the house, white trim and a coral door.  Thank you Daughter Maple.  We do not live in a neighborhood with an association so no rules and no fees.  I don't want anyone telling me what I can and can't do.  In closing, the sun is shining, if only for a moment.

Stay tuned, Abby and Stephanie


mascanlon said...

The floors are so pretty! And how clever of you to have a ramp added now. Our last move we down sized and went to single story and now you have me thinking about a ramp as we are replacing our deck this Spring! And the coral!

crazy quilter said...

It is coming along quite nicely! I know it will be beautiful when it is done. I think the ramp is a very good idea but I do not see a sidewalk to the ramp. Perhaps I am just missing it in the pic. Your color choices a perfect!

Little Busy Bee said...

The color you chose for the floor is just the right one, I'd have choosen it, too! I also like the colors for the house, how wonderful it is not to have rules so you can decide according to your own taste!

Needled Mom said...

The wood all looks so rich and pretty. I love the cedar ceiling on the porch.

It is so nice to have everything ADA before you may need it. We've done the same thing here.

I love the colors. It is going to be gorgeous.

Sandy said...

Wood is indeed beautiful, and all of your colour choices are lovely. The ramp is an excellent idea. (I am currently recovering from knee replacement surgery.) Can't wait to see what comes next!

KaHolly said...

Oh, Stephanie, you mist be over the moon with all the beautiful progress! I'm just loving the color choices you've made for the exterior. Very you! You'll be the envy of the neighborhood! XO

Carrie P. said...

Looks great! Will you paint the ceiling too? Love your choice of colors too. The guys you have hired are doing really nice jobs. The wood floor looks really good.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Stephanie, your new home is going to be gorgeous! I'm loving your choices so far and I can't wait to see that awesome new front door showing off it's new paint color. Keep posting - it takes me a long time to get here but it's always such a fun read!

Jeanna said...

I am so in love with the cedar roof and shingles. You selected a nice color stain for the floors, too.

It is all coming together nicely.