Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fifty Shades of Grey

Lots happening at Maple Tree Cottage.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Previously I mentioned we're moving the fireplace.  The old fireplace opening was filled with brick and obviously repair and drywall will be taking place.

There really is a new and beautiful gas fireplace behind the cardboard.  Vent and gas installed.  I'm going to have a remote control to operate it.  Daughter Maple was here for Christmas and helped me select the fireplace tile.    We're going floor to ceiling for a lovely focal point as you enter the living room.

We also purchased 20 samples of interior and exterior paint to audition.  Mostly we went with Fifty Shades of Grey.  LOL!    Soon Mr. Maple will be painting the entire interior.

Currently dry wall, taping, mudding and sanding are happening at Maple Tree Cottage.  If you go back to the beginning post you'll see the entrance to the kitchen was narrow (the width of a door).  The mister and I wanted to continue the curve that goes from the entry hall into the living room.  

We had the doors removed, the opening widened and curved.  Love.

The master bathroom now has drywall.  The amazing folks that are making our custom kitchen cabinets were called back to make our bathroom vanities.  The master bathroom is also going to have a linen closet with a pull out drawer for the dirty clothes.  I mean I dirty clothes happen but I don't want to have to look at them.  I got a call the other week that the plumber wanted to meet me in the shower.  LOL.  We talked about fixed shower head height, separate shower hose placement, etc...The faucet knobs for hot and cold are right around the corner from the shower opening.  Instead of going IN the shower and adjusting and turning on the shower, you just reach around the corner and viola!  Just so you know this will be Abby's shower as well.  

We had a discovery.  Now that the scary basement is empty and the under stairs storage isn't so creepy, we found a new note from Gladys.   Just so you know, Grandpa Emil really was a doctor.  I left the note on the wall.  I just had to.

Well maybe when the 3 sons were little perhaps the under the stairs storage really WAS scary!  I found this note in there.  Wonder if they were sent to the basement as punishment but allowed to read.  With 3 boys in the house they must have shared punishment equally (hence the "anybody.)

There's been so much before and during.  I'm super excited about the after.  On the right is the guest bathroom floor tile.  I love it.  On the left are my glass knob choices narrowed down with the help of Daughter Maple.  The bathroom vanity will have the middle glass for the knobs.

I already love this house.  Walla Walla has been in Snow Hell for ages and there were only a few minor setbacks.  The decking is starting to be installed but now it's covered with snow.

Stay tuned,

Abby and Stephanie


Jeanna said...

I was looking for Jamie Dornan???? Was HE the plumber in the shower??? LOL

Everything is coming along quite nicely. I'm in love with the tiles and glass knobs. How nice to have Daughter Maple around for a bit to help with some of the decisions.

I'm excited for you!

Candace said...

Wow, so much wonderful progress! Even though we're in snow hell, I have a feeling it will all melt, and the sun will come out for move-in day!

Heidi said...

Wonderful bathroom tiles :-) and what a exciting life... meeting persons in the shower ;-)
And I'm thinking about leaving notes in our house, just for fun ;-)

Needled Mom said...

I'm thinking it would be interesting to sit down for a visit with Gladys.

The house is coming along nicely. I really like that rounded, larger door. The fireplace will be very dramatic going from floor to ceiling.

I was wondering how much could be done with all the snowy weather you've been having.

Carrie P. said...

Picking out paint color can be just as hard as picking out tile. I do love the tile for your bathroom and the door knobs! Can't wait to see the fireplace.
I really like the curved doorway too.